CARM (Complex Adult Risk Management)

The CARM was introduced in 2022 and  provides front line practitioners with a framework to facilitate effective working with adults who:

  • are at risk of harm due to their complex needs,
  • where the risks cannot effectively be managed via other processes or interventions, such as section 9 care and support assessment or section 42, safeguarding enquiry under the Care Act 2014.
  • the adult’s engagement with support is intermittent or it has been difficult to engage with the adult
  • individual agency procedures have not been able to resolve the problem(s)
  • Without some for of support the risk is likely to increase.

A copy of the CARM framework can be found by following this link

CARM Framework

When to use the CARM

This guidance should be used with people who are found in the following types of situations:

  • Is unable / or there has been a difficulty to engage them in the necessary care / essential services to meet their care and support needs; and/or
  • Is unable / or there is a difficulty to engage them in an assessment of their needs / mental capacity; and/or
  • Is unable to protect themselves against potential exploitation* or abuse; and/or
  • Has on-going needs or behaviours which lead to choices placing the person at high risk

*Where exploitation is a risk factor you will need to also refer to the West Mercia Police exploitation pathway.  Worcestershire are joining the two processes together so an initial referral should also be made through the CARM process.  Link to West Mercia Police Pathway

A summary of the CARM framework can be found by following this link CARM Spotlight Leaflet

The accessible version of the leaflet can be found by following this Link

CARM Leaflet Accessible Version

How to Make a Referral

The referral should be made by using the attached form:  WSAB CARM referral form

It should then be submitted to the CARM Coordinator via this email:

PLEASE NOTE: If this is the first time your organisation has sent a referral please send the referral to us using an encrypted email to ensure the information is sent securely.

A copy of the agenda template can be found here: Copy of CARM agenda template

A blank copy of the plan can be found here: Link to blank CARM safety plan