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Welcome to the Worcestershire Safeguarding Children Partnership training page.

WSCP will be delivering training events and details will be available shortly.  Please note that the WSCB Training Strategy is currently under review and will be replaced by WSCP Training Guidance in September, 2019.

Individual agencies/organisations are responsible for ensuring that all those in contact or working with children and young people and/or with adults who are parents or carers, in a paid or voluntary capacity have access to high quality training and support to ensure the safeguarding of children.  WSCB has provided a training strategy to support practitioners, managers and organisations to identify what level of training staff should attend.  There is also a specific CSE training strategy.

All agencies should provide a mandatory induction which includes familiarisation with child protection responsibilities and procedures to be followed if anyone has any concerns about a child’s safety or welfare. In addition to the mandatory induction there are four levels of core training as outlined in the training pathway.

Specific guidance about safeguarding training for education is also available.

WSCB signpost local practitioners to suitable e-learning packages, including free courses on Female Genital Mutilation (FGM) and Prevent (safeguarding vulnerable people from the threat of radicalisation).  More details about Safeguarding e-learning packages can be found on our Events & Updates page and also via Virtual College.

Agencies should ensure that their training is effective and this can be achieved by following the framework for evaluation.