Annual Business Objectives – 2023 to 2024

The priorities which  taken forward  during the  2023 to 2024 business year included:

  1. Further development of the SAR and Rapid Review process following the recommendations from the assessment currently being undertaken. This should include:
    • Clarity on how we engage people with lived experience in the process
    • Development of a shared learning framework for dissemination of learning and good practice from the SAR
    • Implementing any required changes to polices and strategies
    • Development of an assurance approach which links into the learning framework
  2. Further development and embedding of the Complex Adult Risk Management (CARM) framework*.
  3. Implementation of the Exploitation Strategy*

(*both the above should include recommendations on managing the manifestation and impact of domestic abuse)

Progress on Business Objectives

The WSAB receive quarterly updates on the work that the Sub-groups undertake to deliver  these objectives.

At the end of the year the progress is assessed and reported on via the Annual Report.

We are in the process of assessing the implementation of these objectives