Safeguarding Network Group


The Safeguarding Network group is open to organisations who directly deliver services to adults at risk, including voluntary sector and services that operate at a district level.  The purpose of the group is to share information about Safeguarding, and provide an  update of the work the WSAB is doing.  This includes details on any recently published Safeguarding Adults Reviews and the learning which has come from them.   They also  look at how to address issues which don’t meet the Section 42 criteria, which includes presentations on topics which have a relevance to safeguarding

Topics which have been covered to-date include:

October 2019 an update on  Liberty of Protection Safeguards. The presentation can be found here.  The reflective session looked at how to address Self Neglect cases through strength based approach.

September 2020 Rachel Leslie from public health gave a sensitive and informative presentation on Suicide prevention and support.  Details of the presentation can be found here

March 2021 – Toni George from One Stop Social Work gave a presentation on building staff resilience, with a particular focus on the difficulties with remote working.  Details of the presentation can be found here

July 2021 – the New Board Chair, Professor Keith Brown introduced himself and gave a presentation on work he has done around Scams.  Details of Keith’s presentation can be found here

July 2023 – the presentation from the Network meeting can be found here

January 2024 –

At the January 2024 meeting alongside updates on SARs and WSAB business, details of which can be found here there was a presentation from Bev Houghton the Community Safety Manager for Bromsgrove and Redditch on the role of Community Safety Partnerships.  The presentation can be found here

The group meets three times a year, currently virtually, and members receive the quarterly newsletter along with other relevant information.

For more information contact Jane Jones via email at

May 2024

Alongside updates on recently published SARs, there was an update on the Complex Adult Risk Management Framework.   The WSABs 2024 to 25 business objectives were shared alongside a presentation on the 2nd National SAR analysis.  Below are the slides from these presentations:

WSAB Network Meeting 22nd May 2024

CARM Network Presentation 22nd May 2024

Second National Analysis of SARs

The Department of Work and Pensions also gave a presentation on accessing universal credit.   The  slides are not available to be published on the website.  Practitioners are asked to contact the Board if they require further information on these.