Staying Safe Online

Are You a Child Who is Going Online?

The internet can be a very exciting place – being able to talk to your friends, play games, share photos and watch videos. On the other hand, you could also put yourself at risk. Below are some top tips for staying safe online.

Photos/Videos: You might enjoy taking photos of yourself, your family or even your pets! But, always ask permission before taking or sharing a photo of somebody else. If somebody you do not know if sending you photos or videos – tell an adult that you trust.

Talking Online: It’s great being able to talk to your friends and family online, but you need to be aware of strangers who might try and contact you through then internet. If somebody you do not know is trying to talk to you online – tell an adult that you trust. If somebody is being mean to you or somebody else online – tell an adult that you trust.

Personal Information: Never share any of these online: Your real/full name, your address, your age, the school you attend, any clubs you may go to, your phone number or your username/password.

Gaming: Playing an online game with your real-life friends can be great fun. You should only play with people who you know and trust offline, like friends from school. Some games are only for grown ups or older children. Ask your parent or carer to check that the game you’re playing is OK for children your age to play. If you ever feel worried, scared or sad about something that happens when you are playing a game – tell an adult you trust.