Independent Modern Slavery Advocate program at Victim Support

Date: Tuesday, 17th Oct 2023 | Category: General Category

The IMSA (Independent Modern Slavery Advocate) program at Victim Support, West Mercia provides support to survivors of exploitation and works to increase awareness about modern day slavery and support options across West Mercia.

IMSA’s work alongside the National Referral Mechanism (NRM) by providing short term interim support to anyone that consents to the referral and is accepted with a positive grounds decision.  And those who don’t consent to an NRM referral, or do consent but receives a negative grounds decision.

We work with adults, men and women, pre-NRM, and we are one of the few organisations who work with survivors who are in custody.  A person must consent to support by the IMSA

Though Victim Support is not a First Responder organisation the IMSA can assist officers or other organisations by gathering information from victims and can assist and support officers with the NRM referral process.

The IMSA program also works with partner organisations across West Mercia to raise awareness about modern-day slavery, best practice to support survivors, to identify people who may be at risk, and to work collaboratively to combat the root causes of all types of exploitation.

For further information contact Claire Kendall on

Tel: 07562687630


Referrals for support can be emailed to

MSHT Referral form