Annual Business Objectives – 2024 to 2025

The objectives which will be taken forward  during the  2024 to 2025 business year include:

  1. Implement the Learning Framework to ensure that SAR learning is embedded in practice and is underpinned by clear a communication plan which includes the sharing of good news and practice. Areas of focus should include:
    • professional curiosity
    • Safeguarding rights
  1. Continue to build links with other partnership to support the delivery of shared objectives including:
    • implementation of the Exploitation Strategy with the CSPs and/or SCP
    • developing a shared approach to implementing the recommendations of Domestic Homicide Reviews with the Domestic Abuse Partnership
    • Working with the Children’s Partnership and Herefordshire SAB in establishing a robust assurance approach for reviewing the organisational assessments submitted through the regional assurance tool.
  1. Implement the new actions identified in the Quality Assurance Framework, in particular:
    • Reviewing the themes identified by organisations through the regional assurance tool

Other areas which were identified but do not feature in the above objectives include.

      • Working to ensure there is a shared language in terms of risk assessments at both local and national level.
      • Understand the implications of the ‘Workplace Practice Act (this includes Sexual Safety)

These objectives have been used to complete the Annual Business Plan and inform the work streams of the relevant subgroups.