WSCP COVID19 Service Delivery for Social Care Safeguarding Services: Executive Summary

Date: Tuesday, 21st Apr 2020 | Category: COVID-19 Category, General Category, News Category

The full Covid19 service protocol has been developed to enable our services to;

  •  Deliver the required interventions to safeguard those children in need of protection, promote the welfare of those children and young people in our care and to provide the necessary support to those children in need preventing escalation of risk and need for child protection or care where possible.
  •  Adapt and respond to the delivery of social care & safeguarding services in the context of minimising the spread of infection within our community and workforce

The full document can be found on our Learning and Development page: Learning and Development Documents, or using the link below:

Covid 19 Service Delivery for Social Care Safeguarding Services Executive Summary