This covers a wide range of behaviour neglecting to care for one’s personal hygiene, health or surroundings and includes behaviour such as hoarding.

WSAB Self Neglect Policy

Below are links to the WSAB Self-Neglect Policy and associated documents.

NEW Self- Neglect Policy (July 2022)

Self Neglect Referral Pathway V3

Self Neglect Safety Plan TEMPLATE

Self-neglect briefing August 2022

WSAB Self-Neglect Summary (SWAY)

The following links are referred to in the new Self-Neglect Policy 

Safety Plan for when I am Experiencing Homelessness

Assessing a Person’s Risk of Self Neglect

Cranstoun Leaflet: Empowering and Supporting People to Make Positive Changes

Additional Resources

The following document provides a one page overview of how practitioners should work with people who self neglect

Think Self Neglect

The following video explains what self-neglect is and where to go for support across the West Midlands, including Worcestershire.

Lambeth SAB have also produced this YouTube video on self-neglect alongside this advice leaflet

Lambeth Self-Neglect video

Key messages for working with people who self-neglect leaflet (Lambeth SAB)

Other behaviours are often associated with Self Neglect.  These include

Homelessness and Rough Sleeping 

The WSAB Self-Neglect Policy recognises Homelessness and Rough Sleeping as form of self-neglect.

for further information on local and national work and resource visit our dedicated page

WSAB Homelessness and Rough Sleeping Page


Hoarding was also recognised as a form of self-neglect

For further informaiton on Hoarding visit our dedicated page

WSAB Hoarding Page