Multi Agency Working/ Information Sharing

Following recommendations from a number of Safeguarding Adults Reviews identifying learning around multi-agency working and the need for a lead professional, in 2022 the WSAB introduced the Complex Adults Risk Management (CARM)  Framework.

The CARM provides front line practitioners with a framework to facilitate effective working with adults who:

  • are at risk of harm due to their complex needs,
  • where the risks cannot effectively be managed via other processes or interventions, such as section 9 care and support assessment or section 42, safeguarding enquiry under the Care Act 2014.
  • the adult’s engagement with support is intermittent or it has been difficult to engage with the adult
  • individual agency procedures have not been able to resolve the problem(s)
  • Without some for of support the risk is likely to increase.

Further details of the CARM framework can be found on this page

CARM (Complex Adult Risk Management) framework page