Professional Curiosity

Professional curiosity has been an emerging theme, increasingly identified in learning from adult serious case reviews (SCRs) and safeguarding adult reviews (SARs) (Braye et al., 2017; Preston-Shoot, 2017).

Locally this has also been the case, with the following SARs identifying learning that there was a need for greater professional curiosity

Think the Unthinkable

The SAR on Mary, a 20 year old young lady, who needed 24 hour assistance for her complex needs and was found to be pregnant at 30 weeks,   also called for the need for more professional challenge and the need for practitioners to ‘think the unthinkable’ .

Domestic Homicide Review – 18

Local a Domestic Homicide Review was published that made the following recommendation on Professional Curiosity:

All frontline practitioners and supervisors should be reminded of the need to accept responsibility for making safeguarding referrals to other services, and not to assume that other agencies /professionals will make necessary referrals.
An effective referral should also contain sufficient case history for the Agency receiving the referral to understand the service users’ needs to enable them to make a fully informed decision about the provision of service.

Additional Resource

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